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Jewelers who want to design metal jewelry with cutouts, or who want to cut jewelry into unique shapes, use a very small saw called a jeweler's saw.

Using the Saw

Using a jeweler's saw requires some skill and expertise, so it's a good idea to practice. When first starting out, many people find it helpful to cut between two close parallel lines made on the metal with dividers. The saw should be held upright at a 90-degree angle, with the blade just touching the place where you want to cut. The saw blades are sharp, so a light touch is best. To help guide the saw, place the index finger of the hand not holding the saw against the side of the saw.

To make cutouts patterns, first drill holes in the corner of each area of the metal you want to remove. Then, remove one end of the saw blade from the saw, thread it through the hole, and reattach it. Once you've cut out one area, remove the saw and repeat the process with the remaining areas to be removed.

Blade Sizes

Blades for jeweler's saws come in several different sizes, from 6 to 06, depending upon the thickness of the metal to be cut. If you're just starting out, a good size saw to begin practicing with is one with a No. 1 or 01 blade.

sawing a ring with a jeweler's saw
Sawing a Ring with a Jeweler's Saw

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